Otava helps to promote social stability by supporting work and employment in diverse sectors, and paying its taxes in Finland.

Otava shoulders its responsibility for the environment

We want to leave the world in good shape for the next generations.

Good environmental management at our business locations and in our daily work play a key role in our environmental responsibility.

We work to reduce environmental hazards in many ways, such as paying attention to paper consumption and procurement, the recyclability and energy efficiency of our products, and obtaining certification for our operations.

Henrik Ehrnrooth, Chairman of Otava’s Board of Directors, has received the prestigious Energy Globe award for his notable international work and creative activities in promoting sustainable development and climate-friendly solutions.

Our concern for the environment can also be seen in our published content.

In recent years, there has been a great deal of public debate about the reasons for climate change, its consequences, and what must be done to prevent it.

There is a need for accurate information, and Otava wants to be involved in finding solutions to climate change.

In 2019, every issue of Tekniikan Maailma published at least 4–8 pages of well-founded articles on practical solutions for preventing climate change.

Business continuity means stable jobs and responsible investments. We seek long-term profitability, not get-rich-quick schemes.

We comply with Corporate Governance and the recommendations for good governance for family business issued by the Finnish Family Firms Association.

We pay our taxes in Finland. We help to promote social stability by supporting employment in Finland.

We make responsible acquisitions.

Otava shoulders its social responsibility

As a company, we are a bold and proactive member of society.

We support learning and education.

We enable freedom of speech and media diversity by promoting Finnish and Finnish-language publishing, and by nurturing Finnish culture and the Finnish language.

Social responsibility has been one of Otava’s fundamental values ever since the company was established.

”The company’s success is closely tied to the success of our nation as a whole,” said Alvar Renqvist, Otava’s founder, back in 1915.

And it is on the basis of these firm values that Otava will move into the next decade.